Advantages & Disadvantages of Portable Chicken Coop Kits

Getting started with portable chicken coop kits is a great way to jumpstart your interest in raising chickens and making it at a hobby but it’s important to consider both pros and cons. Here are advantages and disadvantages of getting a portable chicken coop kit.


1. Cheaper

Portable chicken coop kits are typically cheaper than the more premium sized coops for obvious reasons. If you are just starting out with a budget, then these coops are a great way to get started without spending a whole lot of money.

2. Easier to maintain

Due to their size, portable kits are easier to clean and maintain. Of course, you will still need to do daily maintenance and ensure that your chickens are well taken care of and that their environment is clean.

3. Convenient and portable

One of the most obvious advantages is the fact that these kits are extremely convenient and portable. You can literally be able to move the chicken coop whenever you need to which may come in handy.


1. Limited number of chickens

There are a very limited number of chickens you can raise with a portable coop. Depending on your needs and how many chickens you want to raise, this may or may not be ideal.

2. Not much room for expansion

If you ever want to expand your chicken coop into a larger one, you may need to either purchase a bigger one or simply build one yourself.

3. May cost the same than if you built one yourself

With the right plans and building tools, you can easily build your own coop for significantly cheaper than a prebuilt coop. The reason being is that many builders will charge a premium for their efforts.

Despite some of the disadvantages of portable chicken coop kits, they are still a perfect way to get started if you are getting started.

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