Apple Watch Series 8 CAD-based render spotted

Apple Watch Series 8 CAD-based render spotted

The next in the line, the Apple Watch Series 8 is slated to arrive no earlier than September next year, however, reports have already started pouring in. Last month, Display Supply Chain consultant Ross Young pointed out that the Watch Series 8 is highly likely to arrive in three sizes. Cut to now, we have a CAD-based render of the Apple Watch Series 8.

The CAD-based render was created by a person who happens to have knowledge of the matter although the color used isn’t an actual one. The source mentioned that the Watch Series 8 that he saw was clad in an iPad Air’s light green shade.

The render shows a similar design to the current top-of-the-line Watch Series 7 although there’s a sharp difference. I am talking about two speaker grilles instead of one as you can see in the render.

Apple Watch Series 8

Note that even though the render shows a similar design to Watch Series 7, Watch Series 8 could arrive with some differences which is something that happened with the Series 7 itself. About the sizes, the Watch Series 7 arrived with 41mm and 45mm as opposed to 40mm and 44mm in the previous iterations. The upcoming Watch Series 8 is likely to add a third size as well which is likely above 45mm although there’s no concrete information about it so far.

We do know that Apple is working on larger displays for the Watch Series 8. Apart from that, it will arrive with a tonne of new features including a smart body temperature sensor and not the usual kind of skin surface temperature.

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Anyways, Apple Watch Series 8 will arrive in September 2022 if everything goes according to plan. Along with that, we will see the upcoming flagship iPhone 14 series and a few other products lined up for the year 2022.



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