Apple working on 3nm Apple Silicon SoC with up to 40 cores

Apple working on 3nm Apple Silicon SoC with up to 40 cores

Apple has already made quite a buzz with its M1 SoC and it was quickly overshadowed by the newly released M1 Pro and M1 Max available in the latest Mac lineup. Turns out the Cupertino-based giant is working on its successors supporting up to 40 cores at once and built on a 3nm process. Here are more details about the latest update available.

Upcoming Macs will feature better SoC & multiple dies

According to a report by The Information, the Cupertino giant is working on an SoC designed on a 3nm process that is capable of featuring up to 40 cores at one go. There’s another set of SoCs being designed for other Mac devices featuring an enhanced 5nm process with two dies making it capable of opting for more cores than before. Turns out these chipsets will be assembled on Mac desktops and MacBook Pro is slated to arrive next year.

Apple is working on 3nm Apple Silicon SoC with up to 40 cores

The report further elaborates that the 3nm chipset (based on third-gen Apple Silicon SoCs) will feature up to four dies that let manufacturers add up to 40 computing cores to the chipset. Currently, the top-notch Apple Mac Pro with Intel Xeon W processor can be maxed at 28 cores while M1 has a max of 8 cores, M1 Pro has 10 cores and M1 Max has a max 10 CPU cores capacity. No doubt that would make the upcoming Macs’ performance skyrocket. These Macs are slated to arrive in 2023 and the SoC will be manufactured by China’s giant TSMC. The chipsets are currently codenamed Lobos, Ibiza, and Palma.

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Apart from that, the upcoming 2022 MacBook Air will arrive with the next-gen chipsets and so are the MacBook Pro models as well as Mac Pro that will get M1 Max with two dies.

Let’s cross our fingers and see what Apple has in mind. Keep checking out True-Tech to stay ahead of tech news.



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