Catering Services

Food and Catering Services are extremely diverse and it often presents a challenge in the development and implementation of new food safety and quality standards. To be able to meet this challenge successfully, there are four main types of catering services:

Commercial Catering Food suppliers provide catering services to many different types of businesses including hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets and hotels. These providers are required to meet a certain set of guidelines to ensure the food they provide meets legal requirements and is in compliance with the health and safety legislation of the country or states they operate in. As well as catering services, they also provide storage and delivery facilities.

Commercial Caterer Services – Catering agencies are commercial catering service providers that supply high-volume catering services for large and medium-sized restaurants and hotels. These services include a range of catering options such as corporate events, weddings, luncheons, banquets, meetings, conferences and events. This catering service can be tailored to cater for any type of business, from a small business to a large multinational organization. It also caters to different needs, such as large number of customers, providing catering for a variety of tastes, providing catering for specific occasions, catering for a particular budget and catering for multiple locations.

Private Catering Caterers are a type of caterer that cater to a single client. Often these caterers provide professional services to the restaurant industry, providing catering for large corporate events and banquets. It is generally the case that the catering companies are only able to cater for a single customer at a time. This type of service tends to be more affordable and it provides convenience to the customer, as the caterer does not have to supply other catering services to other restaurants.

Independent Catering Companies – Catering agencies specialize in offering services other than catering. Independent catering companies provide catering services to various types of businesses such as private homes, restaurants, bars, hotels and restaurants, as well as catering to corporate events such as weddings and special occasions. This type of caterer is independent, meaning they can offer their own catering services and not necessarily have any type of contract with a restaurant or other business. In addition to catering services, they also provide delivery services and storage facilities to ensure that the food the client is ordering is kept at the correct temperature and stored until it is needed.

All catering companies should adhere to a set of guidelines when they set up to cater for events and businesses. This helps ensure that all caterers operate within the same standards, ensuring that everyone is complying with the legal requirements and ensuring that all customers and business partners are safe and satisfied with the food and service provided.

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