Clearing Offensive Odors Using Radionics

Do you have a good nose? A keen sense of smell can be a blessing… or a curse if you are totally distracted by a bad smell. Of course, you could just leave. But, what if the offensive odor is in your own home, say in your carpet?

You may find it amazing that the following procedure using radionics works to clear offensive odors. But before we explain how it’s done, it is important to understand something about why it works.

The science of radionics grew out of research into some of the subtle energetic interactions we have with our environment. Thanks to movies such as “The Secret” and “What the Bleep Do We Know?” we now have a much richer understanding of some of the very subtle ways we can affect our environment… and how our environment can affect us.

Radionics works by allowing us to communicate with our environment through subtle energy means. There is lots of fascinating info about radionics at

Radionic instruments used to consist of large panels of dials. However, modern miniaturization has made it possible to build radionics features into a small, portable, hand-held computer. The computer has a built-in stick plate, used for tactile measurement, just like the big units. Small units, such as the SE-5 Plus, also have a slot that can be used to hold a sample or picture.

Now that you have a little understanding about how radionics works and what radionics instruments are like, let’s use the portable SE-5 Plus to describe the procedure for clearing bad odors.

Take a picture of the smelly carpet with a Polaroid camera (included with the SE-5) or use an actual sample of the carpet and slide it into the input slot. Then type into the computer, “REMOVE ALL UNNATURAL AND CHEMICAL ODORS.” Then you set the amplitude knob to 100 and the measure switch to the balance position.

In about 15 minutes the offensive odor should have dissipated. You may have to redo this procedure after a year if the odor starts to return. This method means you never need to rip out carpet again just because your pet had an accident! It works for all kinds of odors on all kinds of substances.

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