Create Dazzling Walls and Floors With These Three Mosaic Collection Tiles

Homeowners and designers swear by mosaic tiles with their infinite beauty and splendid grace! An artistic touch of dazzling colors and designs lights up the environment with sizzling splendor. Residences and business premises alike would become charming pieces of art in a moment. Imagining the effects would be quite possible with the visualizer as decisions are made. Look forward to raptures of happiness as a change of lifestyle dawns. No more drab interiors as the world wakes to mosaics that combine several elements of unsurpassed grace.

Mosaics are available in a range of materials like natural stone that many prefer for enhanced durability. Stone was used for ages in construction. Porcelains have served humanity for over a century now. Recent inventions like metal tiles and glass and stone blends also create exotic pieces that everybody wishes to possess. Consider the unique and catchy color combinations blended together in the mosaic factory! Bewitching assortments of shades and colors are the result for trendy surroundings. Living and working would be elevated in such a scenario.

Three of the most outstanding among the mosaic collection
• 3D Mosaics
• Brick Pattern Mosaics
• Arabesque Lantern Mosaics

Illusions of space

A single pattern might bring monotony, repeated across the walls and floors. A selection of two or three mosaics would impress. 3D Mosaics are just the right choice to create depth in the surroundings. An illusion of infinite space is the gift of 3D tiles. A variety of textures and sizes makes them more adaptable to particular requirements. These exciting gifts of technology and artistry result in a dynamic and exciting feeling. Perhaps an accent wall needs something like Silver Cube or illusion 3D among monochromes. Yet the world loves color and enigmatic shades are very common among the selection. Harmony White 3D Bracelet does resemble an ornament in golden hues.

Azzure Matte Glass/Stone Blend 3D Mosaic is simply out of this world. It feels as if out under the sky somewhere in the deep ocean. Rustique 3D Interlocking Pattern combines several pretty colors in faded tones for a remarkable effect. So is Marron Glass/Stone blend too. The Hedron style with the jutting out design is classy and would create powerful accent wall statements. Harvest Moon is similar. Asteria Blend simply bewitches with contrasting shades of light and dark fascinating colors. Some may prefer the charming simplicity of Dimensions Block Mosaic.

The timeless brick design

The brick design is a classical friend and the mosaic collection offers fabulous choices! They bring a personal element into the walls. Mixed Slate with many shades, the intimate Desert Spring Mini Brick Blend and the monochrome Gray Blend Glass Mosaic are all heavenly designs. Install them anywhere in the home or office and watch the environment flooded up with light in an instant for decades to come. If walls have character, that is exactly what these bricks do.

For those who prefer ethereal shades of white, Pietra Calacatta and Pietra Statuario present a luminous effect in a dreamy white and gray. Carrara White and Dove Gray are also simple in intensity, but with a haunting beauty. Emperador Light Brick Interlocking Polished would create a dazzling backdrop for entrances and logo backgrounds. Visitors would never stop admiring them. Chiaro Brick and Crema Mocha are variations in similar shades of cream, brown and beige, dreamlike in intensity. California Gold has deeper dramatic colors while Ardesia presents muted shades, perhaps as contrasts on adjacent walls. More color fantasies are available in blue like the Iridescent Blue Blend and Blue Blend Brick. It is simply a matter of individual or family and office group choice. Brown Blend Shimmer is classy too, and appears in customary furniture shades.

A touch of fantasy

The most mysterious among the mosaic collection is the Arabesque Lantern motif that originated with Arabic decorations. They bring an oriental touch of quaint mystery to uplift otherwise square surroundings. The curved lines that resemble the sacred flame would relieve the straight lines that are found everywhere in contemporary designs. They adapt equally well to backsplash needs in the kitchen and bathroom as they would decorate accent walls.

Choices can be challenging among several attractive colors and designs. Gris Garden, Decora Droplet and Taza Blend are similar. Enigmatic combinations of grays, whites and browns. The effect on the walls would be startling with a hint of the divine. Carrara White and Whisper White create a pristine surrounding of snowy shadows. Galena Gray contains darker shades while Fog is lighter on the senses.

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