How to Build a Shed

The easiest way to build a shed in the backyard is to make a trip to the

local Lowe’s or other hardware shop to purchase a shed-building kit.


choose one from a picture in a brochure or from the Internet. When viewing

in person, you can check for important quality control details such as

thickness of timber, overlap structure of panels, type of wood, whether it

is pre-treated with a preservative and the quality of flooring. Thick

timber is longer lasting. An overlap structure on wall panels is important

to prevent water leakage. It is beneficial for the shed to have been

pre-treated with preservative, but in your upkeep you will still want to

treat it once a year. Flooring should be thick so that it does not give

with the weight of tools and equipment you want to store.

Do not skimp on

size or quality, because in the long run, you will be happiest with a large,

lasting building.

Before starting, make sure you have a level base on which to build the shed. Otherwise, the wall panels will not line up properly. Double check that

you have all necessary building tools for the particular shed-building kit;

you will not want to stop mid-project to purchase more tools. Find out if

you need permission to erect a small building on your property. Detail an

access route for getting large panels and other materials to the site for

the shed.

To begin, make sure the land is dry. Excavate a place to put in a concrete

floor. If you choose to make the shed above ground, then wood boards are

acceptable. Follow instructions and proceed to screw all pieces together in

the pre-made holes. Run a frame sealing mastic around windows to prevent

weather damage. T

o insulate, either use glass fiber loft insulation or

expanded polystyrene slabs covered with wallboards. If the shed needs

electrical wiring, be sure to bury cables in the ground or run them high

overhead. Wires should never drag along the ground, wall or fence. Call a

professional electrician for assistance if you are not familiar with these


It is possible to build a shed without purchasing the kit. Keep in mind

that you are essentially building a box. Begin with the same flooring

process- either excavate for a concrete floor or use a wooden floor. A

simple shed can take the shape of a lean-to with one large slanted wall

nailed to three smaller side walls. If you feel confident in your building

abilities, then a more complicated shed would be a four-sided rectangular

shed with a pitched roof. To attach the roof, nail the slanted slabs of

wood to the upright walls. To finish the project, apply a preservative

treatment, and any insulation or electric wiring that is desired.

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