How To Market A Salon

The salon business is a people’s business, and how we perform and interact with our clients has a direct effect on how they feel about themselves.

We don’t sell televisions or bedroom furniture! We are in the long game and our salon marketing strategies should mirror the environment we are trying to build.

We sell our skills as trained technicians to promote products or services to enhance a client’s look. Stylists and therapists get to know a clients like’s and dislike’s through conversation and strive to make a connection with them to build trust and understanding.This connection with our clients is fundamental in building a thriving salon business and should be the cornerstone of any salon advertising or marketing campaign you run. People like to buy from people they trust and the process of creating this begins from the moment the client walks through your door or calls your business.

Tip 1 – Staff Training

  • Training your staff on how to properly greet clients and answer telephone inquires should be your top priority in your salon marketing strategy.
  • The way a client feels when they first deal with your business will have a pivotal effect on their connection and loyalty to your salon business.
  • Promote sincere and honest interaction with your clients. This will have a direct impact on how receptive they become to buying from you.

Tip 2 – Social Media

  • In order to maintain 역삼풀싸롱 the connection between salon visits, involve your clients in your social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.
  • Create a salon business fan page where you can post social comments which your clients find interesting.
  • These could be simple funny quotes or fashion trends, anything which keeps your clients actively involved and interacting with you.
  • The main thing is to keep it social, and don’t try to sell something on every post.
  • Encourage your clients to join your fan page by offering a simple competition.
  • Encourage your fan’s to share your posts, which will virally grow your potential clients.
  • Image having even half of your clientelle interacting with you on Facebook.You would remain in their thoughts between visits and be ready to buy any great salon promotion you offer.

Tip 3 – Salon Website

    • Build a salon website which is an extension of your salons brand and personality.
    • Your site should help your potential clients “experience you” even before they have visited your business. Try making a short video outlining your services or salon layout and uploading to You Tube and then to your salon site.
    • Offer new clients the ability to try you out at a discounted rate or to enter their details which enables you to send them a first time visit coupon.
    • 1 in 5 online searches on Google are local so optimize your salon website for Google Places, which helps people find you easier.
    • Start a salon blog and let your staff offer their involvement.
  • Try running a PPC ( Pay per click ) offer on Google. Set your budget and choose keywords that a clients might use who is searching for a local hair salon or spa.

Tip 4 – Active Referral Campaign

  • Target your biggest fans… your existing clients and offer them a reward or gift for referring new clients to you.
  • Make your referral coupons attractive to the new client by giving them 50% discount for their first visit and 20% off any retail they buy.
  • Entice the new client to re- book their second visit by allowing them 20% or an added service at a reduced rate.
  • Send out thank you cards to newly created clients and encourage them to join your Facebook page.

Tip 5 – Make A Plan

  • Don’t make your salon marketing haphazard.
  • Sit down with a year planner and decide what events you could coincide with your salon service offers, such as Mothers Day, Easter and Christmas.
  • Think about what your clients would like and how best to give them more value rather than reducing your prices and profit margin.

These simple but effective marketing strategies will help you build a thriving salon business and get more clients spending money with you.

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