Making a Statement With Wall Tapestries

Wall tapestries are increasing in popularity with their intricate designs and timeless appeal in the home. There is an abundance of choice on offer which can make selecting that perfect piece quite a challenge.

It is ultimately personal choice that should override any decision regarding a tapestry. Some speak with deeper meanings, others appear to be that perfect fit in the jigsaw, and the finishing touch to a modern home. Here are a few tips on choosing a tapestry.

So much to choose from

A number of options are available which include Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque styles, to name a few. The pivotal point in tapestry design was during Medieval times, hence the rise in popularity of the tapestries from that period. For an emotional and evocative design, the Asian tapestries exude richness as well as complex design and colour.

Tapestries often have central themes such as human nature, love, death and tragedy and sometimes appeals through the imagery. Some relate to the scenery from their personal experiences.

A modern edge to the home is possible through the placing of the right tapestry. Contemporary designs include groupings of wine bottles, surreal landscapes and abstract work as well as nautical scenes.

Some modern artists have licences their work for adaptation to tapestry design. These include Malendra Trick, Thomas Kinkade, Stewart Sherwood and others. Historical artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci have also had work developed into elegant tapestry designs. This provides a way for art lovers to use tapestry as a way of expressing their taste for their chosen style.

An affordable investment

A tapestry doesn’t break the bank and is an affordable piece of art that you will treasure. Tapestries are much more accessible to people and it really is possible to have a high quality piece of art in the modern home.

The right size

It is a good idea to consider the size of your home when choosing a tapestry and where you intend to place it. Large hangings will create a cramped feeling in a small space, so if you are decorating the smaller room a smaller tapestry will blend in with the décor.

Hallways may benefit from the longer banner style tapestry whilst larger rooms suit large tapestries. Some styles of tapestry may make a room larger than it really is with their ability to create an illusion of depth.

Lighting and furnishing

When choosing a tapestry the lighting is very important to consider. Having a good light will enable you to appreciate the detail and vivid colour. Chrome light fittings can accentuate more abstract designs. Sometimes a smaller room can be made to look more open with a landscape or seascape design.

Your Choice

Ultimately the choice is your personal statement, however it is important that you feel you will enjoy the tapestry as it blends into and enhances your home. If you connect with your tapestry it will extend your personality when it radiates its warmth and elegant nature into the room.

There are so many ways that nature can be invited into the modern home and expressed through a well selected tapestry. The simple design to the classical detailed work, the exotically elegant and bold statements, and the metaphoric messages spoken through light and nature, all provide a pastiche of choice for those selecting that timeless piece for the home. Light and space is enhanced by these artistic expressions of nature and will enhance any contemporary wall, as well as provide a mode for reflection into the metaphor of meaning behind each masterpiece.

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