Residential Elevators – Add Convenience to Your Lifestyle

By providing effortless and comfortable floor to floor access, residential elevators add convenience to your lifestyle. These elevators can be used in new as well as existing multistoried homes.

Helpful Equipment for Multistoried Residences

Residential elevators are helpful and safe accessibility options for mobility impaired and aged persons in your home. They can independently access the different floor levels, which in turn would augment their self-confidence and lifestyle. With the help of these equipments you can also shift furniture, laundries, groceries and other weighty items between the floors.

Elevator models intended for residential applications are incorporated with options that can be modified according to the interior decor of your home. They can be obtained in different cab configurations and platform sizes. Models that are provided with open platforms or entirely enclosed cabins with safety gates are also available.

Budget-friendly Accessibility Option

Residential elevator models that can be installed without maintaining separate machine rooms or making architectural alterations are now available. To assure the users with safe and comfortable access to various floors, these equipments are designed with outstanding safety features. These include slack cable safety device, emergency alarm and lights, emergency stop buttons, under-car safety sensor, door interlocks, over speed governors, easy to operate controls and many more.

Residential elevators are an affordable and easy to maintain accessibility option. They are less complex than commercial elevators. Apart from providing comfortable access, these products help to improve the resale value and luxury of your home.

Identify Your Requirements and Purchase from Dependable Supplier

When you plan to purchase elevators for your home, it is important to sort out your requirements. Try to gather information about the facilities included in the currently available models, their power consumption level, price ranges and so on. Leading manufacturers including Savaria Concord, Thyssenkrupp Access and Federal Elevators offer a variety of stylish models of residential elevators through their authorised dealers. These suppliers offer superior installation and maintenance services at cost-effective charges.

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