The Polymer 16 Glock 19: Redefining the Concealed Carry Experience

The Polymer 80 Glock 19 is a revolutionary new take on the classic concealed carry experience. With its polymer 80 construction and design, this Glock 19 redefines the way we think about handguns and the possibilities for concealed carry. This gun is lightweight, durable, and has great ergonomics, making it the perfect choice for those looking for the ultimate concealed carry firearm.

1)What is the Polymer16 Glock 19?

The Polymer 80 Glock 19, also known as the Polymer16 Glock 19, is a popular DIY handgun kit that has taken the gun community by storm. Manufactured by, this pistol offers a sleek and customizable design that is perfect for gun enthusiasts who want to build their own handgun.

One of the most unique aspects of the Polymer16 Glock 19 is its polymer frame, which provides an ultra-lightweight and durable foundation for the pistol. The kit comes with everything you need to build a complete Glock 19, including the slide, barrel, trigger, and all the necessary components.

But the real draw of the Polymer16 Glock 19 is its customization options. The kit allows you to choose your own grip texture, trigger shape, and slide design, giving you the ability to truly make the handgun your own. Plus, since the pistol is built from scratch, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you played a role in creating your own personal defense weapon.

In summary, the Polymer16 Glock 19 is a versatile and customizable DIY handgun kit that offers a unique concealed carry experience. If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use pistol that you can customize to your heart’s content, the Polymer 80 Glock 19 may be just what you’re looking for.

2)How does the Polymer16 Glock 19 compare to other Glock models?

When it comes to Glock pistols, the Polymer16 Glock 19 stands out from the crowd. Not only does it offer the reliability and accuracy that Glocks are known for, but it also has several features that set it apart from other models.

One major difference between the Polymer16 Glock 19 and other Glock models is that it is built on an 80% lower receiver from This allows for a custom build experience, and the lower receiver is made from high-quality polymer for durability and weight reduction.

In terms of size, the Polymer16 Glock 19 falls in between the compact Glock 19 and the subcompact Glock 26. It has a slightly shorter barrel than the Glock 19, but a longer grip, making it more comfortable to shoot for people with larger hands.

Another unique feature of the Polymer16 Glock 19 is the ergonomic grip design, which allows for a more natural grip and improved control. This is especially important for concealed carry, as it can reduce recoil and improve accuracy in high-stress situations.

Overall, the Polymer16 Glock 19 is a top-performing Glock pistol that offers customizability and ergonomic design. It stands out from other models in the Glock lineup and is a great option for anyone looking for a reliable, accurate, and comfortable concealed carry weapon.

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