Careers in the Financial World

As the world experiences one of the worst economic times in decades, careers in finance have never been more important. In order for the nation to regain a healthy and stable economy, the workforce needs intelligent, able, and honest employees with a strong financial background. If you are interested in a career in finance, there are many types of positions available. Whether crunching numbers, assisting clients, or gathering data, there is a financial career for everything. Listed below are a few common financial positions.


An accountant is the ultimate number cruncher. But the job requires more than just skill with numbers. Accountants are required to record and classify all financial records and then interpret the results of those records. Besides general bookkeeping accountants are also responsible for a complete knowledge of tax law and tax regulations. An accountant may also handle the financial aspects of estate planning. Accountants may also act as auditors.

Investment Banker

An investment banker works for a financial institution that trades securities, raises capital, and manages corporate mergers and acquisitions. An investment banker may also serve in an advisory position for clients. In this capacity an investment banker would advise on mergers, acquisitions, and other financial moves and investments.

Real Estate

One of the most important industries in the United States is real estate. In fact, over a third of the wealth of the entire world is tied up in real estate. Working in real estate might include a position as a real estate agent, a mortgage consultant, or a mortgage broker.

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