Choosing a Turbine Outage Service Company

When seeking a turbine outage services company, one should look for an experienced technical staff and the necessary field services required to disassemble turbines, recondition turbines and parts and return-to-service that heavy rotating equipment. Efficient project management, managers and technical directors that are experienced steam turbine professionals must specialize in the many unique, varying and complex areas of turbine-generator engineering. Many steampath turbine outage companies come complete with the necessary divisions for all aspects of parts, engineering and repair so look for those with documented experience.

Managing Retrofits

A full-service outage company typically will have comprehensive impulse and reaction steam turbine retrofit packages for varying turbine pressures. High Pressure (HP), High-Intermediate Pressure (HIP) and Low Pressure (LP) turbine sections require owners to be presented with options to address needs for single and multi-section turbine retrofit packages. A keen focus on details can take a project from simply working to results that exceed expectations.

Turbine Outage & Turbine Facilities

Finding a centrally located turbine facility can often present itself as cost-effective and less problematic when it comes to outage or repair services needed. These facilities will typically house experts in the fields of steampath services, generator services, field machining, steam turbine valves and other specialty turbine-generator repair factors. The facilities should have the necessary crane capacity, weld booths, clean room, blast cleaning bunker, high voltage bushing refurbishment and all field machining equipment on site to be truly effective.

A turbine outage company that has the documented capability to refurbish and manufacture engineered components for utility size steam turbines and generators is a key characteristic of full service. being able to deploy high-quality bearing restorations, oil deflector repair and hydrogen seal refurbishment and specialize in reconditioning hydraulic control components such as power actuators, MHC operating governors and overspeed protection mechanisms can help be a deciding factor.

And it goes without saying, a turbine outage and repair company that is also a respected world-wide supplier of replacement turbine and generator components can mean the difference between a working solution and a winning solution. Choosing an turbine outage company should be based on experience and results.

The specialization in the manufacture and supply of steam turbine parts such as packing rings and spill strips, a variety of other high quality non-rotating parts from fasteners and hardware to valves is one thing. If that same company can also specialize in the installation of parts and seal systems while offering steam turbine excitation and control system maintenance, retrofits and upgrades, that’s a sure sign of experience and expertise.

The employment of an experienced team of on-site service engineers who provide technical support, trouble shooting, installation, and training for steam turbine controls, generator excitation and auxiliary systems along with the parts engineering and manufacturing capabilities is a sure sign of past, present and future successes.

Turbine-Generator outages require the management of an evolving set and scope of engineering tasks. Qualified, experienced, knowledgeable experts are required; from mechanical engineers, specialists in turbine-generator engineering, thermodynamics analysis, distortion correction, field machining and the many diagnostic and engineering service disciplines.

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