Detached Garage Plans – Crucial Considerations Before Making a Detached Garage

There are quite a few important things that you must keep in your mind before you begin making a detached garage on your property. First of all a garage is a large and costly construction, which means you might be requiring the permission of your local authorities before you can proceed with the construction. You should also ask yourself whether you should be making a garage or an attached one, this so because both have their functions, strengths and weaknesses and you should chose the one which best suits your requirement.

Important considerations before making a Detached Garage:

a. The size and shape of your Lot/Property: The detached type garage is typically a large construction, it covers and hence requires a lot more area than a regular attached garage and so you should be considering this type of a garage only if you have ample space to spare.

b. The function of the garage: Do you want the garage for simply standing your vehicle(s) or do you also have additional equipment such as a lawn mower, bicycle etc which you will be required to store? Many people also look at the detached garage as a way of having some private space for setting up a workshop or even just a home office where they will not be disturbed.

c. Do you have expansion planned down the line? Because if you do then a detached garage is simply the best option that you have. Making any extra construction on an attached garage means messing with the house and for most people that is an automatic deal breaker. Thus if you think that you might want to add an attic to your garage then, yes, a detached garage is what you should be considering.

d. Costs: An attached garage is basically an expansion of your house and your constructor can use the walls and foundation of your house to make the garage, this makes the attached garage cheap and affordable. On the other hand a detached type garage is in its own right a small house in itself which will require a new foundation, and new construction, this makes it costly.

As you can see you have a few decisions to make before you can make up your mind whether or not a detached garage is what is right for you. After you have carefully considered all the options you should proceed with your detached garage plan.

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