Finding Good Expired Domain Names by Using Google Search Engine

Many newbie expired domain traders find it very hard to find an expired domain name of their choice. Due to their inexperience as well as lack of knowledge or skills in expired domain trading, they always end up in buying expired domains with relatively no commercial value. If you are interested in finding a good expired domain name, then you may wish to learn some basic secrets and tips related to the expired domain name trading business. Google is a well-known search engine that provides very good search results in matter of few seconds. Google is also a rich repository of web domains, both live and expired; if you know how to use this amazing utility, you can easily find a good and commercially available expired domain, capable of spinning more money than you wished for.

With the right type of knowledge, it should not be too difficult for you to find and detect very good expired domain names by using Google search engine. All you have to do is to use right type of keywords and search methods to create a list of expired domain names! Google houses more than 50 millions of web domains and most of these domains are alive, while a considerable numbers are dead and expired. If you know how Google spiders work in segregating the search results, you can easily cull out excellent expired domain names as well.

Most of the major search engines including Yahoo, Live, Google, Ask and host of others employ a method that seeks to weed out or eradicate those domains that are no longer alive, or those that are already expired and dead. However, hundreds of thousands of web domains expire everyday and these numbers seem to be too huge for any search engines to remove from the list. Thus, there is always a time lag of a week or so, before the expired domain names are removed from the directories.

However, there is still a gap of about five to six days before the entire list of expired domains disappear from the directory listings. Smart expired domain traders make it a point to buy expired domains, before they are deleted or removed from the search engine list. Once you buy listed expired domains and register them as soon as possible, you can have the liberty of accumulating very precious traffic and links owned and possessed by the previous owner.

However, you can conduct a search on the Google search engine by using a simple search query given as follows:

a) Just open the Google search engine bar
b) Type- “Auction Date” 01-07-2008 intitle: aaaaaaaaa site: whois.domaintools dotcom (here, aaaaa is the preferred keyword, while the date could be any date that you wish but it should preferably be about 15 days before today’s date.
c) Choose any keyword you want and consult a keyword tracker web domain for better keywords.
d) Once you give a command for search, you can easily get a comprehensive list of expiring or expired domain names in the entire search engine directory.

Once you create list, you can sensitize it by using good domain software for short listing the best possible domain names. The list thus generated should provide you a basic idea of how your expired domain names look and appear.

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