Homemade Chicken Coops – Is it a Good Idea Or Should You Buy a New One

With more people saying ‘No’ to store eggs and taking to chicken raising at home, the demand for homemade chicken coops is increasing. But is it a good idea to build a chicken house by yourself or buy a new one from the store.

Though, the homemade chicken coops are cost effectiveand can be customized but they can also become a pain to clean and keep the chickens comfortable. It’s not rocket science but it’s your duty to keep your chickens safe and healthy.

Now, I am not saying that you should drop the idea of building the coop altogether, what I am trying to emphasize is that it must be built keeping in mind some basic designing features as follows

* The coop must be airy and have sufficient light.

* The coop bedding and nest boxes must be comfortable

* It should be easy for sprays and cleaning.

* It should not have any sharp edges or corners.

* It must protect the chickens from predators, bad weather etc.

Chickens make very good pets if you spend some time with them. Only ten minutes a day with your chickens and you will have them lined up to welcome you. If you make a good comfy home for your chickens then they will give you fresh organic eggs everyday in return. Not a bad deal anyway.
The above-mentioned points play a very important role in coop designing.

NOTE: Most of the stores offer coops that you need to assemble. What this means is that you are paying a highly inflated price for the material. Thus the homemade chicken coops can save you anywhere from 30{6a6f606e37cd9d9ea72282daca64070620822df4bee8779b5efb00ecd3f9b257} to 60{6a6f606e37cd9d9ea72282daca64070620822df4bee8779b5efb00ecd3f9b257} of the cost.

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