How to Understand Royal Bank Direct Investing

When you choose Royal Bank Direct Investing, you can access many different investment options from one central bank account. This sort of convenience can help you streamline your financial planning. In fact, this type of investing offers a vast amount of American and Canadian stock options, as well as mutual fund choices from more than 100 respected companies.

If you’re looking for GIC’s (Guaranteed Investment Certificates), you can also find these through Royal Bank Direct Investing. American and Canadian options exist for almost every type of investment. Making changes to your portfolio is simpler, because it’s easy to transfer funds from one account to another. Flexibility is a big benefit of this sort of one-bank full-service investment. An ETF can also be attained through this sort of investment strategy. ETF’s are investment funds, which can be traded on stock exchanges, just as though they were actually stocks. Your ETF can be for a variety of stocks and commodities, among other options.

With Royal Bank Direct Investing, you can open limitless accounts – the number of accounts you choose to run is left entirely to your own discretion. Obviously, this sort of customization of financial account and services can enhance your investment strategy. You’ll be able to grow as an investor, while also having the familiarity of dealing with the same bank for each new account or investment. If you’re looking to bank and invest with a reputable financial institution that offers myriad services to its valued clientele, this sort of investing service can be ideal for your specific needs and preferences.

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