Sarasota Pre-Construction Real Estate

The United States real estate market is growing faster then ever before. Sarasota has become a pre-construction real estate hot spot. Pre-construction is the most profitable phase of investment in real estate. New construction offers a wider choice of location and layout, with the most desirable finance options. Pre-construction is considered a healthy investment, making investors wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. Investors in pre-construction real estate are willing to take bigger risks for a chance to make huge profits.

Sarasota has for long been an upper class vacation destination with its pristine white beaches, exciting nightlife, 5 star restaurants and hotels, and its interesting mix of cultures. The Sarasota pre-construction market has witnessed a boom in the last few years. There are downtown condos, beachfront high-rise condos, single-family residences and mansions under development. Sarasota is a sellers market and most properties remain on the market only for small period.

Prices of Sarasota real estate in its pre-construction stage are significantly lower and more affordable to the investor. Pre-construction sale has shown a significant increase over the years and continues to grow. Investors have the advantage of not having to pay any local and state taxes for many years.

Pre-construction deals are usually not advertised in the initial stages. Deals are mostly brokered via a network of estate agents who sell directly on behalf of the developers. Brokers reserve a number of units for their top clientele. The second stage of construction brings on a 10{6a6f606e37cd9d9ea72282daca64070620822df4bee8779b5efb00ecd3f9b257} increase in price. On selection of a property, an investor pays a deposit of around 10{6a6f606e37cd9d9ea72282daca64070620822df4bee8779b5efb00ecd3f9b257} of the purchase price. An additional 10{6a6f606e37cd9d9ea72282daca64070620822df4bee8779b5efb00ecd3f9b257} is usually paid within the next three months. Investors are able to sell their units within a year at a profit of 20{6a6f606e37cd9d9ea72282daca64070620822df4bee8779b5efb00ecd3f9b257} or more.

The increasing interest in Real Estate investment trusts shows that real estate investment return is becoming an important part of a Sarasota investor’s investment portfolio.

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