Use Tree House Plans and Make Your Kids Happy

I bet your kids would love to have a little house to play in up in that big tree in the back yard. Did you know that with left overs of wood, tree house plans and a few pieces of hardware, you can make them one for almost no money? Now that is a toy worth the investment!

I remember when I was a kid we were lucky enough to have a big oak tree in the back yard. The branches were low and the seemed perfect to build a tree house in it. I asked my dad to make me one and he was saving scrap pieces of wood for that.

I took a while to gather enough but one day we finally got together and started building the platform and a latter to climb to it. I seemed a very complicated operation to me because my dad did not used a plan and he was doing it with what he had. We were cutting all kind of pieces of plywood and 2×4 to make them fit to finally make the platform.

Then after a few weeks, he had done a roofing job and came home with a lot of left over material and some extra shingles. So he put up the walls and made a real roof on top. I could not understand why he was taking so long to get it done but now I know why: he did not have plans.

He was just building it simply by following a model in his head. It did not cost us anything, just time. I remember playing in this house until I became a teen. I was the best time investment he made.

Today, things have changed. You can buy tree houses already made in kits that are available in different models. But if you look at the price of such kits, you may never get around to buy it because kids always want something else.

Building a tree house for your kids is better than any toy you can buy them. They will be outdoor all summer long even in the rain playing in their house. But instead of doing like my dad, a good set of tree house plans will allow you to build it fast and to make exactly what you want.

If you are in the construction industry, save all the left overs of wood you can get and you will be amazed on all the ways to can find to use them on a tree house. You can use older windows and doors, old pieces of carpet or vinyl for the inside and let the kids paint it themselves.

Besides being an activity for the hole family your kids will enjoy hours and hours of play in their tree house with their friends. It is the best gift you can give them, and yourself, for their summer vacation.

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