Why Was the White House Painted White?

The White House is a well known building where it is the official working place as well as residence place for the President of United States. It is situated at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington. The building is unique and it is built by an Irish name James Hoban. John Adams was the first President who stayed in the White House. The building was extended when Thomas Jefferson shifted into it. The whole building was painted in white color sandstone following the latest Georgia style at that time.

There are some debates on the question; why was it painted white? Here are two different facts which have been claimed by most of the people. Some people said that the building was initially painted in light grey. During 1812 War, the building was burned down by the British Army. The whole building structure is then destroyed. The reconstruction began immediately after the war and James Monroe shifted into in 1817. At that time, the work was partially completed. It is said that, to actually cover the burn marks, the whole building is painted in White color. This is how they got the name ‘White House’ after that.

However, some people disagreed with that statement. They said that the building was originally in white. They painted the building in white to protect the sandstone used during the construction of the building. This is why it is named as ‘White House’. These two reasons were given when President Theodore Roosevelt wanted to name the building as all the while it is called the President’s House. It got its name as ‘White House’ simply because of the building color. At the same time, some people claimed that it obtained the name from George Washington Plantation where he first got to know his wife.

There are lots of interesting facts about White House especially on why was the House painted white and how it got its name. This beautiful building was proposed by George Washington and designed by James Hoban. It took around 8 years to complete the whole project. Although the idea came from George Washington but the first President who stayed in the building was President John Adams. Since then until today, it is the place where all official matters will be conducted and all confidential information will be kept. It is also the place for formal meetings with all other leaders and President Visitors.

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