Why You Should Contact a Mold Remediation Professional

Besides causing severe damage to household furniture and equipment, molds can cause other problems, such as infections and diseases. Hence, timely intervention is the best option.

In Washington, renters are vulnerable to mold infestations because the state’s landlord-tenant law and the mold addendum don’t explicitly protect tenants.


Mold is a severe problem that should be addressed as soon as possible to protect the health of those living or working in the structure. People at particular risk for illness from mold exposure include infants and children, immune-compromised patients, asthmatics, people with chronic lung diseases, and those suffering from other respiratory conditions.

Mold growth occurs in places where there is excess moisture. Leaks in roofs, pipes, walls or plant pots can cause this.

When this happens, the mold spores grow and thrive. They feed on organic matter and carbon atoms in building materials that are wet or humid.

If left untreated, mold will damage surfaces and cause allergic reactions in those who are sensitive to it. This is why it’s essential to have professional mold remediation in Washington and stop the source of the moisture that helped the mold grow.

When you need to get rid of the mold in your home or business, call a Washington-certified and insured mold remediation company like Restoration 1. Their high-tech equipment speeds up the process and lets their technicians pinpoint the moisture source causing the mold to grow.


Mold can cause various symptoms, including headaches, coughing, runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, fatigue, and skin problems. These symptoms can be severe and even fatal in some people with compromised immune systems.

There are many different types of mold. The most dangerous is black mold, which can cause brain damage and other health issues.

If you have mold in your home or office, the best way to protect yourself and your family is to contact mold remediation in Washington professional for remediation services. They will clean the affected areas and eliminate all traces of mold.

Getting rid of mold is a tremendous job and should be done by an experienced professional. If you are still determining who to call, search for a company like Restoration 1, with one of Washington’s most highly trained teams. Their experts use specialized tools to check for visible mold and mold spores, as well as air monitoring equipment for testing the air quality in a building.


Mold can cause serious illnesses, including asthma and other respiratory problems. It can also aggravate allergies and irritation in people with immune system disorders, leading to a fungal infection.

Mold thrives in moist, dark environments with plenty of organic material. In addition, water leaks, sewage issues, and roof and plumbing problems create ideal conditions for mold to grow and flourish.

If you notice mold in your home, it’s best to contact mold remediation in Washington professional. They can remove the mold and prevent it from spreading.

A good mold remediation service will clean and dry the area and provide follow-up testing to ensure all moisture has been eliminated from the property. This is critical to the safety and quality of life of the occupants of the property.

According to Tram Tran-Larson, community engagement manager at the Housing Justice Project in King County, Washington, renters are often left without recourse when their landlords fail to provide mold protection. Unfortunately, that leaves them vulnerable to eviction when their health is threatened.


Luckily, there are some things you can do to prevent mold from growing in your home. The most important thing is to control moisture.

This means keeping bathrooms and kitchens dry and fixing leaky roofs, pipes, and other water-related problems. It also means making sure your basements and crawlspaces have adequate ventilation.

It is essential to clean up mold growth immediately after it is found and to disinfect all surfaces and complex objects to kill any mold spores that may have settled there. Commercial cleaning products and bleach will do the job, but soap and water can also be used on non-porous surfaces such as countertops, sinks, tiles, and showers.

If you suspect a mold problem in your home, immediately call mold remediation in Washington professional. This is because mold can be hazardous to your health and is a prevalent cause of serious illnesses. It can also damage your home and cost much money to restore it.

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