Ceramic House Numbers

Beautify Your Home with Pretty Ceramic House Numbers

Are you are looking for an inexpensive way to jazz up your house and show your personality? Want a classy and unusual gift? I’ve got a ton of good ideas for you! Why not read on and find out how many bright, artistic and really unique ceramic house numbers you have to choose from?

One type of ceramic house numbers that I really love is the Mexican Talavera range. They are hand-crafted in a Mexican pottery that continues a long tradition of ceramics and terracotta pottery first brought to Mexico by the Spaniards. Mexico has its own rich culture and the combination of Mexican folklore and Spanish artistic design has produced uniquely attractive art, in the form of ceramic numbered tiles. These brightly- colored number tiles can add a lovely Spanish touch to any home.

Instead of just having Mexican ceramic numbers permanently attached to your wall, you can decorate your home with ceramic tile house numbers which slot easily into a neat wooden frame. Some people buy 4 sets of ceramic house numbers with each set beautifully decorated in a seasonal design. Then you can change the decorative ceramic tiles to match each season. What a good idea! How’s that for an unusual gift?

The Mexican Talavera range is easy to view on the internet and they have a huge range of house numbers, featuring designs such as, Folk Art and Art Deco. My favorite is Folk Art but take a look yourself and see which designs you like best!

Another range of ceramic numbers which will beautify the entrance to your home and give it ‘kerb appeal’ is available from the Tile and Iron Studio online store. Their hand-made range includes ceramic and terracotta tiles featuring house numbers in bas-relief to make them easy to read. The decorative tile house numbers are made to resist changes in temperature and are carefully tested for freeze-thaw resilience, which makes them perfect for cold climate locations.

These ceramic house numbers come in such a wide variety of rich colors and textures that it’s really difficult to decide which you ones to buy. The designs are based on architectural ornamentation and nature imagery and have names such as Arts & Crafts, Victorian, Traditional and Shoreline. Putting one of these numbers on your home is a great way to add a touch of class. This store also offers decorative ceramic tiles which say ‘Welcome’ and I think this is a lovely way to greet visitors as they ring your doorbell, don’t you?

Another store I found whilst browsing the internet looks really interesting because they offer to make you hand-painted ceramic house numbers to your own design. If you want something that is genuinely unique and a realistic reflection of your personality this is the place to visit. You only have to tell them which theme you prefer and what sort of colors and designs you like and they’ll work with you to create an artistic and pretty plaque. The selection of themes includes: flowers, country, classical, southwest, Victorian, romantic, oceanic, birds, animals, birds, flowers, herbs and any other theme that you want. I found this on a website called Art on Tile. I think it would be a great idea to have a have ceramic house numbers done to celebrate any special occasion. You could have one made for a wedding gift, a wedding anniversary or if you wanted to give something really romantic for Valentine’s Day, you could have one made with hearts and cupids so your sweetheart will have a long-lasting reminder of your love!

So if you’re planning a make-over or if you’re trying to think of a special gift for one of your friends why not take a look on the internet and see what you can find? I think that fixing stylish ceramic house numbers onto your outer wall is a super way to express your creativity and put an interesting finishing touch to your home!

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