Independent Floors – The Latest Fad For Property Buyers

A home, by definition, is a place where one feels safe and secure. Owning a home is every person’s dream. The thought of building a home by incorporating designs and decorations according to one’s wishes is a cherished desire that everyone nurtures. With new housing complexes coming up in cities and suburbs, the designs and architecture is definitely evolving. Not only is the architecture of houses advancing, but also the type of houses is changing too according to the needs and requirements of modern families.

Given the size of families shrinking, there is decrease in demand for huge colossal houses. People prefer living in houses that are not secluded, but in a busy area, where they are guaranteed security. This is being preferred as most couples nowadays are working. They spend maximum part of their day on job. This makes them want a house where they can raise their small families in an intimate setting. This need is met by flats, but living in flats offers no or little privacy. With two to three entrances opening up on the same floor, this setting disturbs the privacy of a family living in one of the flats on a floor.

Considering the above circumstances and requirements, the novel concept of independent floors was started. Independent floors combine and assimilate the good points of independent houses and flats and offer the kind of living that is perfect for families. They have revolutionized the home building industry and offer the ultimate living experience. An independent floor implies just one house on one floor. The concept of building houses vertically is catching up as it offers optimum utilization of space. In case of independent floors, since each occupant has his own floor, there is no risk of loss of privacy. At the same time, due to the presence of a number of houses in the same building and close connectivity of houses, the independent floors offer heightened security.

A general constraint being faced by flat owners is that the house is not spacious enough, or the space is not properly divided. This problem is eliminated by independent floors, as they are built to be spacious and have modern designs. Many buildings use elevators to help residents move up and down the building. This adds to the privacy of the independent houses as one needs to take the elevator to reach his floor and this aid the privacy of all other residents of the building.

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