Log Home Builders – It’s Easier to Go With Kits

Log home builders can do excellent work, if you have the money and the time set aside. There’s nothing wrong with hiring a log cabin building company to construct a beautiful log home for you, as long as you are prepared for the expenses and are prepared to wait the needed time to move into your completed rustic home. But there are better, less expensive and more expedient ways to go about this, and without sacrificing quality… in fact, a better quality home can be had by doing things a bit differently, in truth, the way most log homes are being built today. Let’s look a little further into another option…

First, when hiring log home builders to do their stuff for you, this can take a lot of time. Logs are measured on site, cut to shape, notched according to the contours of the previously laid down logs in the structure as it goes up one at a time, which is very time consuming. From start to finish, this can take most of a year or more – and depending on the size of the finished home, perhaps much longer. With the need to take so much time comes the multiple opportunities for delays to arise. Miss-measuring pieces, some logs settling and changing shape while the rest of the home waits to be built, accidents may happen, the need to order more supplies to conform to design changes that may be necessary, bad weather conditions, all of these are just a few reasons for more and more delays along the building process.

Instead of hiring log home builders, what about log homes kits? These can be built to conform to an endless array of designs and plans – all logs are uniformly pre-milled to shape, kiln seasoned to pre-settle, and assembled in the factory to assure perfect fit. As they are disassembled again, they are numbered in order of construction and the whole package is shipped to the construction site, so that most of the work has been completed. All that is needed is to piece the logs together in numerical order, and you can move into the finished log cabin within a few short weeks. Having all of the logs pre-milled and pre-shaped in a factory setting makes for a superbly low per-log cost, making this method of acquiring your own log cabin the most inexpensive way to go about it. Most log homes built today are done in this way – whether for a family home, a commercial office building, a place of business like a camping supply shop for instance, or even a guest house. Having everything pre-milled and numbered in order of construction just makes everything fit together smoother, tighter, and constant log maintenance is a thing of the past.

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