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Mailboxes did not die even if the world has reached the digital era. Yes there is electronic mailing these days but the mails in paper did not miss their spots in the front yard of the house. Mailboxes still stand in front of the yard of most houses in the west. As the world gets more modern every single day, the mailbox posts have their share of being modern too.

Compared to the contemporary designs, older posts were monotonic and dull in appearance. However, thanks to the booming technology, mailboxes are getting prettier to look at. Plus manufacturers have added additional features that make them incomparable to electronic mailing.

The most significant factor that they have is their quality. It should be able to withstand with extreme weather conditions. This is the reason why manufacturers do better with producing the best post. People maybe into choosing everything that are “practical” these days, but a bucks-worth posts would be an exemption to the rule.

They are made from different materials and all of these have one goal, and that is to last that longest time possible. There are also those that are made of clay. This type of post is excellent if you want to combine class and drama as the material would show a much stylish look.

The most common posts these days are made from metal. The thicker the metal the better quality it can give. However, there are metals that rust easily so these kinds are not really good for posts. If they are used somehow, they are usually coated to give the post some protection. Other posts are made of granite which has more of a Victorian touch.

Households usually choose mailbox posts that match with the existing appearance of the house. Posts are not only placed in the front yard to keep mails and packages, but they also make exceptional accents.

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