A Log Home Package – What to Expect

What does one get with a log home package? Well, a packaged log home, of course! Sounds like the package would be huge, right? Obviously, the log cabin would be disassembled, so we’re talking about a kit here. Log homes kits are superior to building from scratch, and most log-built structures being put up today are constructed from these types of kits. Let’s take a closer look at what one can expect when receiving a log cabin kit…

First off, a log home package is created in a very special way. The “kit” part of the whole thing isn’t in creating uniform style homes as one might have a tendency to think at first by the way the word ‘kit’ is used. This term is more to convey the ease in which everything is put together. You won’t have to deal with a truck load of raw logs to be measured, cut and have all the notches shaped individually, one at a time, as log after log is placed down in succession. This would be far too time consuming, and you wouldn’t be able to move into your log cabin until nearly a year or more has passed by. With a kit package however, all of the individual logs come to you pre-milled to size and shape, all are kiln-seasoned so that there would be no need for constant maintenance as the logs age, shrink and settle over time, and what’s more is that the kit has been pre-assembled at the mill to assure a perfect fit. As it is disassembled for shipping, each part is numbered in order of construction.

In this way, when you receive a log home package, really nearly all of the work has been done for you. All of the stripping of bark, the shaping, the measuring and cutting, the formation of the joining notches and other joinery points, and again, all logs and parts are numbered… so all you have to do is to take the parts from the package and place them down in order. Now, instead of taking the better part of a year or more to get to move into your new log home, this can all be accomplished in a matter of a mere few short weeks. One of the benefits of building from a kit that cannot be ignored is the cost – being that all logs and parts are pre-milled in a factory type setting, this then is the absolute lowest per-log cost means of acquiring a log cabin home. For this reason, and for the reason of ease of construction, the majority of all log structures being built today is done with a log home package kit such as these. Whether these are built for living in as homes, for creating a hunting or fishing lodge, to build a guest house, or for commercial business offices, this is the most popular, most cost-effective and most maintenance-free route to take towards log home ownership.

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