Miami Real Estate: Preconstruction Investment Guide

If you are planning to invest in preconstruction real estate, where would you go?

Market experts would probably tell you to make your investment in real estate in Orlando, Las Vegas, and Miami. In making the choice, you better ask yourself first what kind of investor are you? There are at least three types of investors: 1) an investor seeking bigger profits despite bigger risk; 2) an investor who is after rental income over flipping houses; 3) an investor who never sees the property or on vacations only.

If you fall under the first two categories, it is advisable for you to look in Miami. Miami is an interesting place of mix cultures, with its long line of gorgeous beaches, an exciting nightlife, and a choice of 5-star restaurants and hotels. It is an upper class vacation spot. However, if you compare Miami with Orlando and Las Vegas, real estate prices have risen greatly over the last few years.

Nevertheless, as long as you focus on preconstruction real estate, Miami is still a great place for investment. Take a look at two identical properties. One is two years old and one is about to be built. The older one has already had an array of amenities to offer, like retail shops, coffee shops, boutiques, spas, or specialty restaurants. The one that is about to be built has nothing of these amenities, therefore, the price is significantly lower and more affordable for the investor.

Once the new condo development is completed, amenities will soon be built around it making it worth as much as the old condo.

Industry observers believe that the real estate bubble in Miami is about to burst. The effect of this prediction gave preconstruction real estate some sort of a boost because it just made preconstruction even more valuable. When real estate rose at such high marks like Miami, every investor will go for preconstruction because they are aware the real estate will sell due to its high demand. Since they bought it during preconstruction state, purchase price was well below the market value.

Perhaps as of this writing, many people have heard about investing in preconstruction condo and the great amount of profits that these investments generate. There is another way of playing the preconstruction investment game and this goes well for those investors who have large amount of financial resources to back them up.

Investors may pursue projects where the original investors are about to close. Original investors are faced with predicaments during the final stages of their preconstruction investments. They will have to decide on which action to take whether they close it, or pay debt service, or try to rent out their condo. These people have already made great returns on their investments and would rather get the profits and let go without incurring additional expenses on the closing.

Miami, despite the slump, remains a seller’s market. A lot of desirable properties stay on the market for a short while only and the price keeps on escalating. This is the reason why preconstruction investment properties are doing great in Miami

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