Real Estate Bird-Dog – 3 Good Reasons to Start Your Services in Real Estate

Becoming a real estate bird dog has never been easier as there are so many online e-course that teach you how to start this business without having to have huge capital and the know-how.

Some of these courses are free and some may require you to sign up and pay for certain amount of fees before you begin the course.

Below are 3 good reasons to start a bird dogging business:

Zero risk and no investment

As you may be aware, there is no risk of locating profitable property leads for potential investors because you don’t need to purchase or enter into a contract with the seller. What this means is, you have zero risk by being involved in this business except the gas that you incur when driving around your neighbor-hoods scouting for distressed or ugly properties for sale.

Work in your spare time

There is no need for you to start this business on a full time basis because you don’t need to. Actually this is an ideal part time work for those who are holding a full time job and the best thing is you can control your own working hours.

Learn the ins and outs of real estate investing

If you don’t already have the know-how of real estate investing, the best place to learn is to become a birr dog because not only that you can earn some extra money during your spare time, but you get the opportunity to learn the technical aspects of real estate investments from your investors.

By working for your investors, there will be some form of informal mentoring happening and you can pick up the ins and outs of real estate investments in the process.

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